KevianJewelers started back in 2017 when I witness a friend sell jewelry over and over & I really didn't know too much about it and I never asked. My bestfriend and him would hangout often and Clients would be in and out everyday of his workshop. 7 months rolls on by and my friend is now the local jeweler and I was hanging out with him and my path was uncertain at the time. I made some mistakes as a young man and I was in a bad situation at the time to where I had to pick a path soon.  He told me I should try it out. I took a jewelry making & repair course for 2 years, finished by 2019. Started Kevian in 2020. During the journey I fell in love with the process of getting here.  Long nights and earlier mornings, sacrificed hanging out with friends because I knew I could make this happen. Failed castings and fittings for grillz, thousands of hours failing. every single dollar I ever earned as a young man was poured into this. With time came the knowledge and the first grillz were made, the first Cuban link, and it was just the beginning. By 2020 I had just quit working at the jewelry factory two weeks before the whole nation shut down. I was left on my own again but with more knowledge than ever. With this in mind I started to design the things I've always wanted to make, Stressing on how to sell my designs because i didn't know anyone I called up my bestfriend/business partner and told him "yo I need help marketing and getting my name out there I got all these designs and I just spent 3 years learning this and I don't know anyone and haven't made a single penny ". he said " Yeah bro no doubt Ill always get you're back Kev" so we sat back and thought of designs and ideas on how to maneuver around and get these designs off. He has been a big staple to why and how I got this far. Some time goes on and I'm picking up a lot of clients now  and I started working with my former coworkers and we were able to get this company rolling! Now we are all doing our own thing. Life takes you down twists and turns but I wouldn't change a thing.