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As a young adult I was around my best friends and they were deep into jewelry. I didn't know much but as time went on and I was exposed more I fell in love. They pushed me to go to school to gain a deeper knowledge and to keep going. wouldn't be here without them. I wasn't the best went from bookworm to holding tools it took awhile to learn but I stuck with it. Established in 2020, Our values are customer relations, Quality metals, gems & diamonds along with 1of1 pieces and designs. We work with precious metals only. Started in St. Petersburg Florida, and now we are located in Denver Colorado!

We do CAD designs, & in house manufacturing 

Our mission is to bring gems and jewels from artists and the far east into the states and show what we can do!

Every piece is designed in-house. We specialize in Custom jewelry & Custom grillz.

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