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3D printing

When it comes to 3D printing, we specialize in MJP printing & D2P printing for the best results in our manufacturing. Plastics and resin are available for sample models!

Enamel work

When it comes to bringing your piece of jewelry to life, we will make the colors pop for a vivid art piece. 

Attention to detail is what we strive for. Bring your Ideas to life.


When it comes to casting precious metals such as Gold, Silver & Platinum. We have highly experience goldsmiths that's gone through rigorous intense casting materials such as plastics, resins and organic material and have all details of the cast.

Diamond setting

We set diamonds from all shapes & sizes from big pointers to melee stones. We have experts that set over 500 diamonds a day. when it comes to setting a diamond we got you covered.

CAD Designs

Our team of CAD designers specialize in everything from, Blender, tinkercad, Zbrush, matrix8, matrix 9, matrix gold, Zbrush, rino 5 & rino 6. We are very confident we can meet or surpass expectations.

Lazer engraving

Laser engraving has changed the game in the jewelry industry. From a simple engraving of birthdays & names to fully engraved artworks and designs on your piece. All available for your artwork.

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